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NLTOK is a nonprofit organization bringing awareness and providing resources to pediatric patients across America. Our goal is to create a community where pediatric patients and their families can turn to for support, share their stories, inspire others, and connect with fellow patients. Our board members have endured our own health battles, and we recognize the psychological and physical toll any health condition can have on our bodies. We intend to provide a community for kids across America who find themselves lost in this journey. Whether it's a social gathering, a zoom meet-up, a pen pal, or even a simple forum- we want to create a home for those who never felt like they fit in because of a diagnosis. We stand behind our mission to spread positivity, encourage our members, and to inspire others through everyday activities. We found the more we connected and heard other pediatric stories- the more we were inspired to live every day with intention and spread kindness. We believe our diagnosis does not define us but shape us into who we are meant to be. No matter your background, ethnicity, or diagnosis- we stand by you and will fight this battle with you. 


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